N Mo, 12.02.2024
One word can mean so much. The beautiful "N" play, movingly dramatizes the struggle between playwright Eugene O'Neill and actor Charles Sidney Gilpin over the inclusion of the "N" word in the script for O'Neill's first box office hit, The Emperor Jones. in 1920. The play was turned into a film in 2020 to great acclaim.

Eugene O'Neill's groundbreaking play was the first American play that featured a black actor in the lead role on Broadway. Charles S. Gilpin's, portrayal of Emperor Brutus Jones was hailed as "revelatory," he was named the finest actor of the age, the toast of the theatre world. It made stars of both men; and was O'Neill's first commercial success. By 1926, their fortunes had taken very different turns. N explores how one word; lifted one of them to the heights of American theatre, but destroyed the other. One word that can devastate or empower. Join them on stage. What does the "N" word mean to you?

PR (Kerstin)