Personal space. Public space. Even virtual. How do we define and relate to it? How does it shape our relationships with ourselves and others? By virtue of the recent pandemic, we all have an opportunity to try to answer these questions. Our custom has been disrupted so suddenly that we've had to quickly rethink the way we function and communicate. During this time, when we were all drawn to go inward and explore ourselves instead of going out and externalizing, presented artists faced the uneasy task of collaborating with each other without having had the chance to meet in real life. But what does real life even mean?

The emanation of this quintessential question created the theoretical basis for this season's art projects. While learning about each other's approaches and artistic styles, participating artists explored new possibilities that paradoxically arose from shared limitations and blurred boundaries. Boundaries between physical and virtual, past and present; questioning the value of what we were used to calling reality.

PR (Kerstin)