[TRANS]MIGRATION Do, 07.05.2020
As an alternative concept of spatial mobility, transmigration differs from the classic type of migration usually associated with a long-term stay in a single country. Transmigrants often move between different locations, have multiple points of reference and navigate plurilocal social spaces that transgress national borders. These emerging "traveling cultures" (J. Clifford) and "cultures in-between" (H. K. Bhabha) promote a way of life that opposes static rootedness as well as national affiliation and encourages hybrid identities.

We have enough space outside for everyone waiting to enter the exhibition. The platform for Krongarten 2020 is available and seats to wait are there: "COVID19 waiting room".

Artists: Esin Turan, Rahman Hak-Hagir
Curated by Julia Allerstorfer

PR (Kerstin)