Symbiosis - A Collective Vision Sa, 10.12.2022
SATURDAY 10.12.2022 22:00 - 09:00
Symbiosis is a collective of Masters Of Puppets, Bionic Ritual and Crispy Chaos Crew.
For years now Masters Of Puppets, Bionic Ritual and Crispy Chaos Crew have been coexisting in mutual support, dedicated and committed to their, each unique, series of gatherings for psychedelic music lovers in various styles. In ecosystems, different organisms living in close physical association typically join in Symbiosis, mutually benefiting from each other"s presence and attributes. We feel like that for a long time already, supporting each other in our productions, celebrating or even working at each other"s parties, giving our best to make this subculture thrive from a meta perspective, other than a competitive one. We think that, after nearly 100 Events in sum, its time to transport our Symbiosis into a collective vision, crafting the finest of three worlds, the best of our bandwidth, into an annual gathering of the superlative, for you to see and all of us to enjoy and celebrate what can be achieved together!