Vienna Burning Ball 2039: a Brave New World Sa, 02.03.2019
The 20th Anniversary Celebrations of the Burning Republic

YOU are invited to take part in this celebration of the Burning Republic. Have you been living the utopian dream for 20 years and developed the perfect Burn? Then join the ranks of our citizens who created the Burning Republic! You have never heard of the Burning Republic but you are curious to visit this magnificent place? Come learn the formula and uncover our secrets.

In 2019 we incorporated the 10 Burning Man principles into the constitution of our newly founded "Burning Republic". There we have been living the utopian dream, a brave new world of burner customs and rituals. A blissful way of consensually living together has evolved where everyone is creative, living up to their max, happy.

Today, in 2039, our population is considered the happiest in the world. Only a limited amount of visitors is invited each year on the occasion of our founding celebrations. They all try to figure out the secret lying behind the success of this small country… a success based on the philosophy of the ten principles.

Please, be aware: You do not attend a party! You are invited to join the celebration of 20 years of The Burning Republic and may even apply for citizenship. The utopian experience might be marvellous, incredible, thunderous and slightly uncomfortable. Still the truth behind happiness is not always what you expect.

PR (Kerstin)