Circus Airline Sa, 14.04.2018
Welcome onboard Circus Airlines! Destination: Paradise. Escape on an unforgettable journey through the clouds with Captain Tamara Mascara, wild and turbulent music by international star DJ Ana Paula and our Circus flight crew of sassy Drag Attendants and sexy Gogo Boys eager to serve your every desire.


★ International Superstar - DJ Ana Paula (Brazil) (Soundcloud) ★ Resident - dj aleXio (Berlin) ★ Mart.i (Vienna) ★ Opening Show by Tamara Mascara (at 01:30am) ★ Sexy Gogos & Sassy Drag Queens ★ Special FX, LED-Wall & Lighting by Martin Kames ★ Welcome Boys & Shots by Gautier Mückstein

POP FLOOR (Kleine Halle)
★ Charlet C. House (Berlin) ★ DJ Alessandro Caruso (Vienna)

TECHNO FLOOR (Arena Beisl)
★ DJ Art Hur ★ Knight Gwyn

DARK FLOOR (Dreiraum)
★ Play Zone supported by Red Ribbon Angels Aids Hilfe Wien.

PR (Kerstin)