Kibbutz Klub LGBT Pride Special Sa, 24.06.2017
We are homo! Oh dapperbois and guuurls and whoever-you-feel-like-you-are: we are SO homo! We don't care if pride month is almost over - we party hard with you and your friends to celebrate united in love, joy and…Israeli pop-trash! #queerpride

It's (finally) summer - und wir wollen auch outdoor tanzen, darum feiern wir am 24. Juni 2017 ab 22:00 Uhr im großartigen Club-U mit den besten Cocktails weit und breit. Shake your hot tuches zu Israeli Pop, Mizrachi & Eurotrash! Dafür kommt DJ Guy Lants frisch von der TLVPride zu uns. Unser beardy resident DJ J'aime Julien haut euch Eurotrash, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry und die wirklich trashigsten Sommerhits um die Ohren. VJ Alkis makes us sweat zu seinen legayndären Visuals! We are so ready for Dana International, Britney, Ofra Haza, Sarit, Omer Adam, Nasrin, Madonna, Beyoncé and all the other gorgeous queens of music!

Jewilicious tunes straight outta Israel. Vibrant like Tel Aviv. Queer as can be. Eurotrash at its best – that's Kibbutz Klub!

United in Isratrash, love and acceptance we'll be as homo as can be. Pro H.O.M.O. - anti haters. Let the rainbow flag fly high over Vienna tonight! We might add some Hava Nagilah and an extra-dose Yiddishkayt. #samelove #beproud

PR (Kerstin)