PSYAQUARIUM Vol.5 Fr, 05.02.2016

SYMBIOGENETICS (Independent / Austria)


SG4RY / Sangoma Rec; Purple Hexagon: / Germany .... vienna premiere...!
Sg4ry is best characterized as an upcoming DJ with a heavy itchy feet syndrome. Not being caught in one style or direction, he is constantly trying to discover and fuse different varieties of psychedelic music with the aim of overcoming musical boundaries that had been created in peoples minds due to the musical fragmentation happening nowadays in the Psychedelic Trance Movement. Creating a journey sui generis for his listeners is his biggest aspiration. Psychedelic Trance has to be approached from different angles, using the many colourful vibrations it offers. Nighttime Psy with a darkish but never evil touch as well as Morning and Daytime music with deep melodies and hypnotic atmospheres are equally deployed in sG4rYs sets which are always defined by a high level of production quality, attentive mixing and the sensitivity for set and setting of the dancefloor. Furthermore, sG4rY incorporates a wide range of elements such as tribal atmospheres, crispy synths and a few well placed samples, creating a unique atmosphere in any case which strongly depends on the time he plays and on the mood of his audience. He loves that special energy during sunrise and sunset on the dancefloor and tries to use it for involving the crowd into a flow of certain feelings and sensations, sometimes humorous, sometimes gloomy or filled with deep emotions.

DEJAN (Shanti Tribe / Serbia)
PARAMA aka Goandi (NextTimeProdly / Austria)
GOAD (Independent / Austria)

Moving Lights By Jakchael
Deco By Amazing Klaus (Psilo) & Calaquendi (Backdrops)


+ Barfloor / DJ P.Baseman (Crossing All Over)