Vienna Burning Ball Sa, 23.01.2016
Vienna Burning Ball 2016: Orient Express
Founded in 1883, the Orient Express train connected London, Paris, Munich, Vienna, Belgrade and Istanbul; allowing speedy long distance travel through Europe and beyond. Amongst the clientele were diplomats, spies and adventurers. The train was notorious for its mystical charm, curious happenings and its famous & infamous passengers. To celebrate the 3rd Vienna Burning Ball (VBB), we take our inspiration from the historic Orient Express and other real and fantasy locomotives like the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Diamond Express, the Blue Train, the Midnight Train, the Hayabusa or the Spirit Train. Welcome aboard our train jump on the Burner Bandwagon!

Whether you travel in the luxury of First Class or prefer a simpler style in Third Class, our focus is on the Burner principle of radical inclusion. In a time when social differences are being reinforced and national borders reinstated - we want to celebrate radical inclusion, radical self-expression and gifting as key elements of our Burner culture.

On board the Vienna Burning Ball Orient Express you are invited to play and celebrate cultural richness and diversity: for example Orient, Balkan Beats, Vienna World Fair, Munich Beer, Fin de Siècle Paris, and Elizabethan London, the train is your stage - a communal performance palace on wheels!! Show us your style and persona, be it 19th century steampunk , comedian, impostor, globetrotter, adventurer, diplomat, engineer, conductor, Maharaja, princess, travel agent, spy - or the mystery that is you and your imagination

Please note: EVERYONE who wants to participate in the Vienna Burning Ball needs to buy a ticket, including artists, performers, DJs, organisers and volunteers! Buy your tickets here:

Special LOW INCOME tickets are available - contact

We are the crew, performers and passengers on this train.

Volunteer to build and decorate it, be a conductor checking train tickets and welcoming guests at the gate, help others do performances or workshops, co-organize... Our Vienna Burning Ball is organised by volunteers and relies on your gifts and talents.
Sign up here to get in touch with the teams:

Bring your Art:
Are you an ardent artist A creative craftsman A skilled sculptor Have you always dreamed of bringing a wild decoration idea to fruition Bring it on and bring it to the Ball! Help us make it fabulous and we will help you with the costs. Questions Contact the art team - Andrea, Judith, Tünde - at Fill out this form until 23rd December to get Feedback how your project can be realized at the Ball and to get an Art Grant! You could be eligible for grants covering up to 300 or 70% of your material expenses: lBp3AiDIt

Do Music, DJ-ing, a Performance or a Workshop:
Be a performer or dancer on the stage, do a workshop, make a show! Make music! Be the DJ! Questions Contact our performers & workshops team at . And please fill out this form to get in touch:

This train will be created by you.
As a unified community on this train journey with you we abide by the 10 principles of Burning Man to create a unique atmosphere and a special experience. Come aboard The Vienna Burning Ball Express 2016!
Expected SCHEDULE:
★ Saturday 14:00 Workshops (see our Facebook page for more info)
★ Saturday ~ 20:00 Doors open to the Vienna Burning Ball 2016 'Orient Express' at Weberknecht, an underground place in the heart of Vienna, Lerchenfelder Gürtel 47-49, 1160 Wien.
*) There will be robots, interactive altars, refugee art, video and sound installations, bodypainting, makeup artists and so much more on the night. Come early for enough time to explore it all.
*) There"ll be heaps of performances from the Kamasutra Contest team, acrobatics, singers and musicians, pole dance, strip&tease, ecstatic drumming and lots of other artistic and entertaining acts. (As opposed to other midnight performances our programme starts early and lasts throughout the night).
★ Sunday - enjoy a relaxing day or an afterparty with burners in Vienna.
Our hosts at Weberknecht support us in exchange for serving beverages for money. Please respect our agreement and do not bring any beverages.
We leave no trace: if you bring it to the Orient Express, take it home again. Be it art, feather boas, a giant stuffed panda to guard the fire-extinguishers, a cigarette butt: you bring it, you take it with you.
Treat the venue with due respect, and treat each other with respect. This is a private party. The stories happening at the Ball are ours alone. Take pictures for yourself only and ask for consent before you shoot pictures. Do not publish photos taken at the event and do not use them commercially.


- Barfluor: DJ P.Baseman (Crossing All Over)