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"Plush Fish" was formed in 2000 in Moscow, Russia. Their music style varies from ska-punk to pop-punk and the band already released 5 albums, including a split album with the German ska band "The Coconut Butts".

The band performs up to 100 shows a year and since 2011, "Plush Fish" are constantly touring through Europe, playing shows in Russia, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary and many others.

Support: Holidays Refused
HR was formed in 2013 as a side-project of 2 well known Viennese Bands. Their basic priorites shifted from being a "party-cover" band to writing own songs and playing various shows. The 4 guys have sacrificed their souls to the gods of (pop) punk and their catchy melodies mixed with fast beats carries the crowd away. So stay tuned for more "Holidays Refused"...

PR (Kerstin)