KIBBUTZVISION 12 points - The Kibbutz Klub ESC Special Sa, 16.05.2015
Euphoriahhh & Viva la Diva! Wir eröffnen mit Euch die Eurovisionswoche im Club-U mit dem schweißtreibenden Mix aus Israeli Pop, Mizrachi, Eurotrash und natürlich den besten Song Contest Hits! Dafür sorgen unsere eurovisionären Residents DJ Aviv without the Tel, DJ J'aime Julien und als very special guest DJ Marco Schreuder. VJ Alkis zaubert Euch mit seinen legendären Visuals die besten Eurovisionsmomente an die Wand. And we know you want it and so do we: Dana International, Loreen, Ofra Haza, Ruslana, Sarit, Conchita, Sertab, Madonna, Beyoncé, Britney, Thomas Forstner and all the other gorgeous queens of music will make this night special.

Come on everybody let's sing along & have some wild dances! At Kibbutz Klub, you can fly on the wings of love, find your number one, do some hard rock Halleluyah or even be in love with a fairytale!

Hey Eurofans: Lesbian, gay, trans, bi, straight – we love you as you are! Just be & rise like a Phoenix!

Eurovisionary tunes straight outta Israel & all of Europe. Vibrant like the Green Room. Queer as can be. Trash at its best – that's Kibbutz Klub!

PR (Kerstin)