HOSPITALITY Mi, 16.09.2020
An interdisciplinary program on hospitality. hinterland launched an open call for artists to present their ideas on hospitality. A variety of artists share their concepts and thoughts with us. Claudia Rannow, Paula Flores and Sara Ghalandari come from different parts of the world. They created special installations to form an intercultural exhibition site. In this setting and in the krongarten, hinterland, IMZ and This Human World will host another film night: with short films and discussions on the topic. Johannes Kretz, Mahdieh Bayat, Chiao-Hua Chang, Roozbeh Nafisi and Elke Perau will abduct us into a magical trip into Persian T´aarof. To conclude, Renald Deppe will share his thoughts and music with the audience.
PR (Kerstin)