Cursed Images Do, 12.09.2019
In 2015 the Tumblr account began to define and categorise a type of image that they identified as being cursed, images that produce a disruptive and unsettling effect on the viewer. In each image the root of its disruptive affect varies, although not tied to any specific content, subject or image there is always a sense the image is illogical, abnormal or wrong in some fundamental way.

To be cursed by the cursed image is perhaps to reveal something about ourselves and the shaping effects of a more general cultural consumption. Moulded by the visual environment we inhabit we internalise its conventions, its sense of right and wrong, unable to register its effects. In this way the curse takes on the appearance of a cure, allowing us to see the borders of our expectations, a hidden desire for harmony.

PR (Kerstin)